United Way Of Quinte


Abigail’s Learning Centre Inc.
2015 Funding: $39,126
Phone: 613-961-1884
Address: 119 Station Street, Belleville, ON, K8N 2S8 

Abigail’s Family and Child Enhancement Program (FACE)  

The primary objective is to assist families and children in overcoming barriers to success by providing education, parenting and community enrichment opportunities in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Participants in the FACE program are mothers connected to social service programs.  As part of this program pre-school children are enrolled into licensed daycare and are provided access to many learning experiences with the goal to develop their skills and prepare them for school. 

Belleville  Community Trust 
2015 Funding: $42,820
Phone: 613-962-3070 
Address: P.O. Box 20102, Belleville, ON K8N 5V1

Belleville Community Trust provides emergency financial assistance to low income families who are facing the loss of their basic needs ie. heat, hydro, water, shelter, and food.  

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hastings & Prince Edward Counties
2015 Funding: $75,000
Phone: 613-962-3666 
Address: 223 Pinnacle St, Belleville, ON K8N 3A7 

Go Girls Program  
Go Girls is a program that targets girls aged 9 to 14 and is designed to provide them with tools to help them make healthy choices around physical activity, balanced eating and feeling good about themselves.

In-School Mentoring Program  
This program matches elementary aged students with volunteers for one hour per week during school hours for the purpose of friendship and interaction.

Traditional Program  
The program provides one to one positive mentoring relationships to youth, creating enhanced self esteem, personal development and social skills for the children involved.

Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) 
2015 Funding: $35,000
Phone: 613-966-8995
Address: 470 Dundas St. E, Unit 51, Belleville, ON K8N 1E3

General Support Services  
This program provides information and counseling to individuals aged 16 and older who are deaf, oral deaf, deafened, and/or hard of hearing, their families, caregivers, and service providers.  The major focus of the program is crisis intervention and assistance with housing, family, employment, legal, health and social services.

Hearing Care Counselling Program  
This program provides professional counseling, communications support and hearing care information to older adults with acquired hearing loss 55 years and older, their families and caregivers, and to young adults over age 19 who have other health challenges that require in-home services in accordance with the Ministry of Health and Long term Care Act.

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)  
2015 Funding: $89,000 
Phone: 613-969-8874
Address: 199 Front St., Suite 530, Belleville, ON K8N 5H5

Counselling Program  
Through group and individual counselling programs, individuals discover ways to handle and manage their mental illness through a unique process of changing ones attitudes, values, feelings, goals and skills.  Most mental illnesses can be treated and early intervention and effective supports maximize the chance for recovery.

Homelessness Initiative  
This program provides short term housing to single adults, seniors, youth and families with children who are homeless and experiencing profound poverty, stress and instability, through their 3 housing programs; Our House, Our House Too and Casa Tres.

Information & Referral  
This program accepts, screens and directs inquiries from individuals with mental illness, their families, caregivers and the general public regarding mental health services and resources.

Public Education  
This program increases awareness of mental illness, replacing stigma with acceptance and understanding for individuals who have a mental illness. The purpose is to educate consumers, family members, agencies, doctors and the general public on homelessness and mental illness thereby increasing understanding and support.

2015 Funding: $31,000
Phone: 613-966-8833 (Appointment Only)
Regional Office: 826 Princess St, Kingston

Library Services
Using a toll free or online library service, the program offers access to thousands of titles in Braille, print Braille, talking books, descriptive video, newspapers and magazines, giving people who have vision loss the opportunity to continue exploring the world of literature.

Orientation and Mobility 
Orientation and mobility instruction teaches the client how to know where he or she is in relation to their environment, and how to travel safely, efficiently, purposefully, and independently in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Community Care for South Hastings 
2015 Funding: $24,500
Phone: 613-969-0130
Belleville location: 55 Pinnacle St South

Deseronto Satellite Office
This program provides information, assistance, service and referrals to seniors  and adults with physical disabilities; however, as the only resource centre in the town of Deseronto, informed assistance will be provided to anyone who seeks help.

Meals on Wheels  
This program supports seniors and adults with physical disabilities by providing a professionally prepared, nutritious, hot meal at noon delivered by volunteers who check on the health and well being of the client.  Frozen meals are also available.

Community Development Council 
2015 Funding: $47,000 
Phone: 613-968-2466
Address: 65 Station St, Belleville, ON K8N 2S6

Community   Gardens   
The community gardens program provides access to adequate nutritional food supplies for individuals and families.  The program reduces poverty by enabling families to provide for their own basic needs and decreasing their food costs. 

Good Baby Box Program  
The Good Baby Box strives to ensure that all parents have adequate nutritious food supplies for their baby by providing formula, jarred baby food, cereal and other necessities at a reduced cost.

Good Food Box Program  
The program provides grocery staples at reduced cost to help families stretch food dollars and meet food needs. 

Community Learning Alternatives
2015 Funding: $56,400
Belleville location: 32 Bridge St East   613-962-9615
Madoc location: 29 St. Lawrence St East   613-473-4024
Trenton location: 46 Dundas St West   613-394-3740

Skills for Work and Life
The program serves adults 19 and order who require upgrading in one or more of the essential skills to achieve education training and/or employment goals.

Community Organized Support & Prevention (COSP) 

2015 Funding: $17,000
Phone: 613-966-7410
Address: 206-121 Dundas St East, Belleville, ON K8N 1C3

Youthreach/Self Esteem Enhancement Development  
Offered in Belleville and surrounding areas, these programs are gender specific and regarded as preventative measures to crime, covering topics such as anger management, healthy relationships, communication skills, drug and alcohol awareness, resulting in youth having the knowledge to make appropriate choices in their lives.


Continuing on in Education (COED) 
2015 Funding: $45,000
Phone: 613-962-8350
Address: 249 William St, Sears Unity Place, Belleville, ON K8N 3K4

COED Day Program  
This an accessible, affordable program for individuals with intellectual disabilities offering the tools necessary to increase their level of independence, social and educational opportunities.  Instruction is offered in small group settings in the areas of literacy, numeracy, living skills, leisure and social skills.


Girls Incorporated of Limestone, Algonquin and Lakeshore
2015 Funding: $10,000
Phone: 613-542-9202
Address: 201-993 Princess Street, Kingston, ON

School Groups for Girls
The school program in Hastings and Prince Edward County is an expansion of the groups that have been delivered in Frontenac and Lennox and Addington Counties.   In-School groups are intervention based and delivered to girls in grades 5 to 8 in response to issues being faced by girls in local schools.


Gleaners Food Bank
2015 Funding: $18,000
Phone: 613-962-9043
Address: 25 Wallbridge Cres, Belleville, ON K8N 5V1

Gleaners Food Bank  
The program provides emergency food hampers to individuals and families in times of financial need and crisis.  Clients can visit the café, open on a daily basis, to supplement their food budget, for companionship, and in the winter month’s access a warm room.

Tri-County Warehouse Food Network
This program stores and networks food and household products to 9 area food banks, 145 non-profit agencies, 3 area food networks, 13 meal programs and seniors living in affordable housing. 


John Howard Society
2015 Funding: $13,250
Phone: 613-968-6628
Address: 19-21 Wallbridge Cres., Belleville, ON

Quantum Nine
The Quantum Opportunity Program (QOP) is a youth development program for socio-economically disadvantaged youth.  Using a comprehensive case management approach, the program provides year-round services to youth throughout the four years of high school.  Quantum Nine will provide service to students at two high schools who are in grade 9 and deemed at high risk of not graduating high school and exhibiting one or more of the following:

  • Difficulties in school and have low motivation or attendance rates
  • Aggressive, disruptive or impulsive behaviours
  • High risk for substance use/addictions.


Quinte Region Credit Counselling/K3C
2015 Funding: $17,000
Phone: 613-966-3556
Address: 235 Bridge St, Belleville, ON 

Belleville   Trusteeship  
The purpose of the program is to establish financial stability for individuals and families who are in need of support during difficult times by providing budgeting and money management through a trusteeship.


Life Safety Committee 
2015 Funding: $5,000
Phone: 613-392-4465
Address: 225 Experimental Farm Rd, Trenton, ON K8V 5P7

Learn Not to Burn  
The program teaches fire and burn prevention lessons to children using the fire safety house, robotic Sparky dog and Learn Not to Burn curriculum.  Home safety kits are also provided to mothers and families with limited income.


Navy League of Canada  
2015 Funding: $17,000
Phone: 613-962-4647 
Address: 16 South Front St, Belleville, ON K8N 3Y3

Royal   Canadian Sea Cadets Quinte  
The Navy League supports the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets Program which develops good citizenship, leadership, patriotism, self-respect, self-discipline, healthy living and respect for others through a variety of structured activities for youth aged 12 to 18. Without the Navy League, the Sea Cadets Program would not exist.


Quinte Therapeutic Riding Association (QUINTRA)  
2015 Funding: $19,000
Phone: 613-395-4472
Address: 173-B McGee Rd, Stirling, ON K0K 3E0

This program promotes the rehabilitation and treatment of children and individuals with disabilities through horseback riding.  The rider engages in a series of activities designed to challenge and exercise the five senses increasing muscle tone, balance and coordination.


Quinte United Immigrant Services (QUIS)
2015 Funding: $15,000
Phone: 613-968-7723 
Address: 41 Octavia St, 3rd Floor, Unit 1, Belleville, ON K8P 3P1

Dignity for All Program
This program provides culturally-based, pre-employment services for newcomers to integrate into the local labour market, as well as services for family reunification assistance.


Quinte Vocational Support Services (QVSS)  
2015 Funding: $14,745
Phone: 613-968-5211
Address: 1 Greenleaf Ct, Belleville, ON K8N 5T5

Collective Kitchens  
This is a program to assist people with intellectual disabilities financially and nutritionally while providing opportunities to customize instruction. Those who participate in Collective Kitchens learn skills while preparing affordable meals that supplement their nutritional needs at home. The participants that take part in Collective Kitchens are on a fixed income and agree that their grocery bills were lower, and thoroughly enjoy taking home three home-cooked meals they prepared from beginning to end. Participants are living semi-independently.

Community Placement Volunteer Coach  
In an effort to further develop employment related skills, QVSS participants, who are adults with intellectual disabilities, will be matched with a placement site and volunteer coach, improving work and social skills creating greater independence while further developing good work behaviours and attitudes.

Program Cost Assistance  
This program subsidizes the cost of recreational activities that are part of the day program for adults with intellectual disabilities so that all participants have an equal opportunity to benefit from the services offered.


St. John Ambulance  
2015 Funding: $16,500
Phone: 613-962-7933
Address: 417 Montrose Rd, Belleville, ON K8R 1B2 

Medical First Responder Unit
St. John Ambulance Medical First Responder (MFR) volunteers are well-trained and attend countless public events across Ontario to provide basic and advanced first aid. In case of a medical emergency our volunteers are prepared to provide the first response casualty care necessary to save a life, prevent further injury or provide comfort until emergency medical services arrive.  


Triple P – Children’s Mental Health     
2015 Funding: $25,000
Phone: 613-968-1144
Address: 301 MacDonald Avenue, Belleville, ON K8N 3Z3

Positive Parenting Program  
Triple P is a positive parenting program that incorporates five levels of intervention for parents of children from birth through adolescence.  The goal of the program is to increase parenting skill, knowledge and self-confidence for all parents in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties.

Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) 
2015 Funding: $18,366
Phone: 613-392-4184 or 1-888-279-4866
Address: 80 Division St, Trenton, ON K8V 5S5

Footcare Program  
Qualified VON nurses provide assessment, care and advice for clients who are unable to adequately look after their own basic foot care needs due to age, poor eye sight, dexterity problems, physical disability or illness.  Appropriate foot care can greatly help in the prevention of other health issues for seniors and people with illness or disabilities.


Volunteer & Information Quinte (VIQ) 
2015 Funding: $19,000
Phone: 613-969-8862
Address: 121-199 Front St, Belleville, ON K8N 5H5

Community & Youth Initiative  
Engaging youth in volunteer activities builds a solid foundation assisting in the creation and preservation of programs for the future.

Information & Referral Program  
This program manages a community helpline, a website and a database of community services available in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties to assist individuals in getting information in a timely and accurate manner.


YMCA of Belleville & Quinte     
2015 Funding: $20,000
Phone: 613-966-9622
Address: 433 Victoria Ave, Belleville, ON K8N 2G1
Phone: 613-394-9622
Address: 50 Monogram Place, Trenton, ON K8V 5P8

Day Camp Assistance Program  
YMCA day camps in Belleville and Quinte West provide children an opportunity to participate in a variety of programs including games, swimming, sports, dance as well as arts and crafts.  No family is turned away because of an inability to pay camp fees.

Membership Assistance  
This program allows children, youth, adults and families who are unable to afford other forms of recreation, including organized sport, the opportunity to participate in healthy and physical activities which can lead to positive changes in lifestyle and stronger bonding within the family unit.


Youth Habilitation
2015 Funding: $32,500
Phone: 613-969-1748 ex. 230
Address: 210A Front St, 3rd Floor, Belleville, ON K8N 2Z2

Hastings   Housing Resource Centre  
The centre provides assistance in locating, securing, and sustaining affordable, immediate, temporary and permanent housing to low income individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. As well, the program provides assistance to individuals seeking information for rental accommodation housing programs and the Residential Tenancy Act.

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